Drum lessons have never been this much fun! Drum students play on a full drum plenty of room to move. Our drum students lessons are always rockin’! Drum students study music from rock to metal, jazz to funk, blues and more, our drum teachers are well versed in all of the most popular drum styles! Drum students will learn how to read drum music, learn technical exercises and of course, play along with their favorite music! Many of our drum students play in local bands and in their churches.

Our drum set uses ‘silent’ drum heads to keep our students from getting ear damage! Silent drum heads play just like real drum heads, but produce sound at very low levels. These silent drum heads make parents very happy, as student can practice at home without giving everyone in the house a headache!

We are so happy to offer one of the coolest instruments ever!

Drum students do not need to purchase a full drum set to get started! A drum pad is all that is needed to get started. A drum pad is a small round dinner-plate sized pad that rebounds the drum sticks when hit, just like a real drum head. Students use our drum set at their lessons and do not have to bring anything except their drum sticks and a notebook.

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