Our voice is our instrument. Our instrument or voice box unlike some other physical instruments responds to our feelings and emotions. Singing connects body, mind and spirit, therefore our goal is to create a safe and positive environment for our students. Often our voice lessons serve as a relaxation that helps to rebalance our life and focus on what’s important to us. Whether you’re a complete beginner who only sings in the shower or preparing for an audition or a stage performance, our team will give you the tools and techniques to achieve your goal.

Voice lessons are ongoing sessions focused primarily on voice technique, learning the diaphragmatic breath support, building vocal strength, and teaching singing terminology.

By creating customized lesson plans and exercises, we help you expand your vocal range by finding your head and chest voices, enhancing your ability to blend your voice registers, and teaching you different vocal styles.


We specialize in voice lessons/coaching for all styles of music, including Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Hard Rock, R&B, Jazz, and Classical music


Voice coaching is a slightly different form of voice lesson with less focus on the technique and more on the performance. Voice coaching is used to prepare you for a specific performance, audition, or recording session, or to work on your stage presence. It gives more focus to the style, music choice, diction, and acting while singing.

In our lesson, we focus on both the technical aspects of singing, as well as the song understanding and performance. We believe that these are different but complementary aspects of singing, and that one cannot go with the other.

Master Your Craft